Meet the Team

Steve Dickie

Steve Dickie

Owner and Founder:

An MBA educated Programme Director and Transformation Specialist with a track record of leading & delivering large-scale £multi-million business transformation programmes. Key strengths include: embedding leading-edge change / programme governance frameworks to ensure superior benefits realisation; assembling and leading high performing teams of up to 200 people across multiple projects and workstreams; driving profit and efficiency through process re-engineering, organisational restructures and cost rationalisation programmes; and embedding robust performance management across a business / organisation to drive enhanced productivity.
I have recently co-authored a benefits realisation-focused transformation approach with the author of Isochron’s Dimension 4, Alan Fowler. As D4 experts over a number of years, we have now developed an updated methodology, “how-to” guides and training materials that introduces Assured Outcome Delivery into business change programmes.

Since forming ODC, Steve has had the pleasure of working with a number of associates with whom he has established the Outcome Delivery Network (ODN Limited)

  • Alan Fowler – Chairman and Founder of Isochron Limited
  • Simon Tuck – Director of SyCo Solutions Limited
Alan Fowler

Alan Fowler

Chairman & CEO Isochron Group:

A UK company specializing in designing and delivering futures for organisations. He authored the D4 method on which AOD is based, having originated the core concepts with colleagues in 1987-91. Alan is experienced in public speaking, teaching, change management, programming, systems analysis, PPM, structured methods, procurement and quality. He has developed original insights into time in business which have led to practical techniques to accelerate and secure change.

Simon Tuck

Simon Tuck

AOD Lead Trainer, Principal Solutions Architect and Business Analyst

Simon has developed an impressive blend of strategic business acumen, analytical expertise and advanced technological understanding over thirteen years providing powerful and innovative business transformation skills and analytical support. A wide array of clients have benefited from Simon’s passion for implementing successful, long lasting change, from small companies to global enterprises across Logistics, Utilities, Construction and the Public Sectors.

He is driven to provide the skills to build the elusive fusion between technology and the most significant part of any organisation, its people, translating a transformation vision into a robust, durable, highly successful reality. It’s why ODNL selected Simon to be our lead trainer in Assured Outcome Delivery for Network Members and our Clients!