Coaching & Capability Development

coaching and capability

  • Our preferred style in supporting clients
  • Partners in training and coaching
  • Range of toolkits for sharing

We believe passionately that we must share our skills and idea in helping our clients to become self sufficient. In effect, we want to coach our selves out of assignments – ensuring when we exit that our clients’ teams are capable of sustaining the new approaches we help them develop and implement.

Steve Dickie is a qualified Coach and takes real pleasure in supporting clients in achieving both business and personal objectives in working hard together. We are a fun loving team and we like to have a laugh whilst working hard in serving our clients. It is indeed fortunate for ODC that so many of our associates and Network members are authors and true experts in their field. In support of this, our trainers and coaches bring a wealth of experience in support of client ambitions to deliver real change and we delight in sharing the toolsets and skills we have developed over the last decades, alongside AOD, in working for, and with, major consulting organisations.

We like to use personal style and preferred team role analytical techniques to help best understand the most appropriate roles and interaction styles for our combined teams, in helping them develop a wider range of skills, through engaging with ODC and our consulting delivery network. Where it is appropriate, and desired, we offer to share a combination of high – performing team tools and ideas, alongside personal effectiveness tools and ideas to help develop client team capabilities and maximise the contribution we make in our assignments.