Outcome Focused Governance

Assured Outcome Delivery (AOD) is a proven Board-Level approach and toolset; its outcome delivery focus is based on a number of key change leadership principles:

  • Focus on change for Stakeholders and Customers – “Show-Me” events, not just numbers.
  • Result agreed at the start – delivery approaches flex to achieve it.
  • Change is made by the business – not just passed off to a programme.
  • Target achievement driven by successful change

The AOD approach leads transformation efforts to deliver and realise benefits more effectively. It has seven elements organised into four strands:

Outcome – how to get your vision and make it tangible and deliverable; producing consensus about the future – always focusing on the desired ending.

ROI – extending, estimating and connecting benefits to operational change; bias free estimating removes double counting and factors for risk; the benefit control process promotes gross cash value.

Right to Left Plan – creating the plan from the benefits, accelerating achievement, and aligning it with current work i.e. we ‘backcast’ from success, not forecast in the traditional way.

People & Processes – enabling epidemic change and promoting leadership effectiveness. Integrating change management and behavioural elements of benefit realisation with programme management and business performance measurement.