What we do


We provide consultancy services to clients focused on change leadership, programme management, capability development, business transformation, benefits realisation and cost rationalisation to achieve successful outcome delivery. We take up interim roles and provide additional support, if required, through other Outcome Delivery Network members.

Outcome Delivery Consulting

  • Benefits Realisation with Assured Outcome Delivery** (our core approach)
  • Innovation and confidence in project and programme management
  • Coaching, training and capability development
  • Drive benefits from efficient information management practices
  • Lean systems thinking and process improvement
  • Optimisation of property and workplace assets / delivering benefits from flexible working practices
  • Digital strategy, mobile technology exploitation
  • Commissioning and Strategic procurement
  • Accelerating Procurement of Strategic Partners
  • Access to Network of Specialist Contractors and Partners
  • Interim management
  • Fees based on outcomes delivered

** The Outcome Delivery Network approach ideas in AOD are a further development from the concepts based in Isochron’s Dimension4 method

I have no hesitation in providing Steve with a first class reference.  Over 4 years I formed a view of Steve as an intelligent, professional, dedicated and hard working individual. During his time with Capgemini, he performed the role of Consulting Manager, responsible for the development of a significant (multi-million £) public sector advisory business, on-going management of key accounts, client care and delivery management.  Steve’s reliable performance, tenacity and can-do attitude earned him high regard by me and fellow managers.  One of the key attributes he displayed within this role was his ability to form strong, trusted relationships with clients, and gain respect and support from colleagues.

Stephen Farrell Partner, Ernst & Young