Improving Core Benefits Realisation Capability In PwC

Improving Core Benefits Realisation Capability In PwC
  • Steve Dickie worked for PwC, one of the Big 4 Consulting organisations between 2005 and 2007.
  • During the period Steve worked with PwC they had been on a journey of transformation with a goal of becoming the number one client-side, relationship based consultancy firm in the UK. PwC consulting established an internal consultancy project called Making Change Stick to assess and enhance the toolsets and approaches consultants used to help clients deliver manor changes for Clients.
  • The objective of the project was to enhance the Enhance Performance Improvement Consulting team’s approach to delivering big change projects and Improve consulting capabilities in Making Change Stick (MCS) and in realising sustainable benefits for Clients.

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Skills needed:
Change Management & Comms, Coaching & Capability Development, Delivering Projects and Programmes Smarter, Harvesting Benefits on schedule, Partners in training and coaching, Preparing & Leading Better, Range of toolkits for sharing, Style of supporting clients, Successful Benefits Realisation with AOD

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